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Diva Name


Only 5 months and 9 days after Aura left us now Diva too.


04/06/2007 - 09/03/2020

Today on 09/03/2020 Diva went on a journey to the rainbow country. Diva had suffered from pulmonary fibrosis for some time, which suddenly got dramatically worse. She had attacks of suffocation at increasing intervals. The medication no longer helped and she had to be redeemed in order not to have to suffer.

Her name Diva matched her like a fist. She was a real diva in some ways, but very lovable. A really great loving girl. She never argued with other dogs, was a great pack member and was loved by everyone. Her great love was Merlin, who will miss her very much. The two were of one heart and one and did not like being separated from each other.

Diva gave life to very beautiful puppies, such as our major Tom (Tommy). We are very grateful to her for that. She was an asset to our breed.

Diva, like Aura, Cherrylin and Bonny you will always have a special place in our hearts. We will never forget you.

It's always so sad to lose a loved one, but one day we'll all see each other again. You just went ahead of us and hopefully you will all be waiting for us on the Rainbow Bridge when we follow.

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