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dog testament

I own few goods which I can leave behind. Nothing
valuable is my property, except for my love and my luck.
I ask my owners to keep me in memoirs always but not to
suffer because of me.
In my life I ever tried to solace them in sad moments and
to share joy in good moments.
It hurts me to bring sorrow to them with my death.
The hour of leaving is close and it is difficult for me to
leave them, but dying will not be sad, because I do
not fear the death.
Please...I often heard people talking: "if he dies, we won‘t
want any dog anymore. We love him so very much that we
wouldn‘t like to have any other."
I ask my people to take a dog again. Not to do it would be
a sad memory of myself. I would like to have certainty, that
you - just because I lived in your family - can not live
witout a dog anymore.
I leave my collar and the rope to my successor and want
him to enjoy te luck in tis house, like I did.

The last parting words for my dear ones:

If you go to my grave, think about me in sadness, but also
with the knowledge, that a being that loved you rests here.
So deep my sleep likes to be, I will hear you. Even the
great power of the deat won‘t be able to prevent my soul
of waving thankfully with the tail.

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